karma solutions

located in Hollywood , Miami, is renowned in the wireless industry as a trustworthy wholesaler of used and refurbished wireless and cellular devices. As a dependable wholesaler, we regularly update our large supply of smartphones and tablets to deliver to professional buyers dependable devices at great prices. Our philosophy is to always keep high quality and never the less maintain the best prices.

Our company has almost 10 years of experience in the mobile Industry and provides the perfect link between manufacturers, distributors and the final customer.

At KARMA SOLUTIONS , we developed a grading scale that allows us to answer
 your needs the best way possible!


As close to a new Device as you can get without it being a band new device.


Functional pass it should not have any blemishes  or sing of usage. May contain a single, very minor scratch or dot on the housing. No dirt or debris in parts or mesh. Like now condition. 


Functional Pass. A gently used device that contains sign of use – such as light scratches on the body as well as the screen. No deep nor long scratches. May contain dirt or debris in ports and/or mesh. No cracked or chipped screen. May contain shadow/halo around apple logo on back.


Functional pass Shows more signs of usage, including more scratched and/or small areas of scuffs. Will have debris in parts and/or mesh. No cracked screen.


Cracked screens, may also include some type(s) of functional failure.